Halloween Night

Halloween night we ate a jack o lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's and then headed out for some trick or treating! Cash went trick or treating with Bailey (lady bug), Aliya (bat girl), Gavin (bat man), and Ava  (Snow White). It was a fun night.


Boo-da Halloween

Buda had a little Halloween Fest on Main Street. 
It was really crowded and a little crazy, but I didn't get these two pictures which I just love!!

Buda Pumpkin Patch

We didn't buy any pumpkins at the Marble Falls pumpkin patch.. so one day Cash and I decided to hit up the Buda pumpkin patch. Those pumpkins were crazy expensive!! So we ended up just going to Wal-Mart, I tried to buy local.. but, that didn't work out. :o/ We got some more good pictures though!

Our pumpkin turned out pretty.. eh. It didn't light up very well.. and started shriveling the next day. 


Six Flags 2012

 The Texas Giant got some revamping!

by the end of the day.. I was nauseous and worn out!



A cute idea I got from Pinterest.

Note: After a month on the door, the masking tape was not easy to get off. It required glue-b-gone.



Today, Cash wore his first pair of chones! He's been sitting on the potty a little bit here and there.. but, we have not been inforcing the issue. Mostly my fault, because I just keep putting it off. I just kept telling myself.. at 2 1/2 we'll start, well.. 2 1/2 was a few weeks ago.. and I never stepped up. After hitting up a sale at the Children's Place, I bought Cash his first pair of undies! Boxer briefs :) He was so proud to wear them today. He didn't even want to put his diaper on when he took a nap. I was certain I would walk into a big mess when he woke up, but no.. he was perfectly dry. Later, during dinner.. he did have an accident.. but, he went several hours with no mess! I was super proud! We'll try again tomorrow!